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If you’ve clicked through to this page because of Laura Rodini’s article in Early to Rise, then I’ve got a bunch of free gifts for you.

What kind of gifts? The kind that will allow you to write ANY sales message in half the time, and shave years off your journey to becoming a freelance copywriter.

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Here’s the scoop…

Laura called me up about a week ago saying she wanted to interview me for an article in the ETR insider. Laura’s a great gal, so I said sure. Yesterday she sends me the article for review…and I see she’s put a link to my website inside the article.


A few people will browse around my website and see that this whole “freelance lifestyle” (working when you want, being your own boss, and travelling at will) really can come true.

Then I thought, ETR has been so good to me with all the free info I’ve read over the years…maybe I can give back to the next round of up-and-coming copywriters. Maybe I can give them something that will really help advance their copywriting skills quickly.

Here’s the BIG problem when starting out
as a copywriter…

One of the biggest challenges I faced when figuring out this whole copywriting thing was – too MUCH information. On a daily basis I was reading Michael Masterson, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Claude Hopkins, John Carlton, Clayton Makepeace…and on and on.

I was simply getting…

Slammed by too much information!

This “too much of a good thing” caused me to second guess myself on almost every sentence. Sales letters that should have only taken a week would drag on for two or three weeks.

Have you ever had this happen to you? Have you ever felt paralyzed by too many ideas, concepts and techniques? Doesn’t it suck?

The big problem was that this information wasn’t organized. Because I didn’t know what technique to use where, it killed my productivity and gave me massive writers block.

Even worse, the more techniques I learned…the slower I wrote! Because I didn’t know where they fit in the overall puzzle.

Fortunately, I discovered how to organize information that…

Allows me to write at lightning speed!

I call it my “Sales Letter Map”.

Here’s how it works….

First, I broke down a sales letter into it’s four main components.

Next, I placed each concept, idea or technique into each of the four major components.

Finally, I weeded out the weak techniques and kept the strong ones.

Now, I have a lean and mean “map” that literally tells me when to use a particular technique.

This has been a huge time saver.

Now, I can outline any sale piece in about fifteen minutes (even if it’s 20 or more pages long). I’m no longer confused about how to exactly use a new technique…I just find where it fits in my “Sales Letter Map” and I’m good to go.

In fact, I’ve refined the process down to just four steps.

I call it, the 4-step “Sales Letter Map” Method. And – including the actual “Sale Letter Map” – these are just two of the free gifts I’ve lined up for you because you are an Early to Rise reader (just like me).

Now, you know the drill.

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