Nicaragua Day 7 (Night)- Granada and Game

Why yes hot Canadian yoga chick, I’d love to come back to your hostel and have a drink with you.

FYI guys, a great place to pick up adventurous chicks in Granada is on the church belltower at sunset.

I was trying to spit game (which really just involves me trying to be humorous, which usually – ok always – comes off as being me being a big insulting asshole) on two hottie Swedish chicks when said Canadian yoga chick joined the party.

I gots game even when I'm stinky

Somehow, 300 million years of evolution went wrong in her brain and she invited us to have a drink at the hostel she was staying at.

Score! And hello Borracho Bama and Mombacho Borracho (attn non spanish speakers, Borracho means drunkard).

Hello Borracho Bama!

And Borracho Bama lived up to it’s promise that night!

The rest of the night gets pretty hazy after this…but apparently (from the pictures)…

…we talked to a bunch of foreign backpackers who hate the system (so do I!)…

Down with the system, up with Alcohol!

…I made jokes to some Norwegian girls (or I probably insulted them)…

Man, I'm funny (what an ass this guy is)

…and then we ran went to the club and apparently that chick in the middle took advantage of me while I was inebriated (I feel violated)…

Norwegian accents, surprisingly sexy

…and then Brenda fell asleep (it’s ok because it’s her birthday). Check out the video…