Nicaragua Day 6 – Operator Error

Day 6 we didn’t do shit because of the following picture…

Monkey See Monkey Do

That’s me and Mike fiddling with a jack. I crashed the car. And got rocks and grass stuck in between the rim and tire.

Why’d I crash the car? Cause I”m reckless. Going way too fast around an uphill blind corner. And then I see two cars on the other side. Missed the first one just fine but had to swerve around the second.

This is where it got dangerous.

After swerving the rental was pointed straight off a cliff (into cactuses and certain firey death). So I corrected and got us back on the road.

(Side note: we went back and looked at the tracks…the back tire came within about two inches of the cliff edge. AWESOME!)

So I’m sliding sideways – going downhill – and I know there are only two options at this point:

Option A: Correct the car, risk slamming the back end into the fence, which will send the back end out the other way causing the car to roll end over end.


Option B: Correct the car slightly so we hit the fence with the front bumper and NOT roll end over end.

I pick option B and we all don’t die. I win.