Nicaragua Day 4 – Beach Exploration

I’m pretty much ADHD so we hop in the car and get lost.

And what do we find…a HUGE cactus.

Big Cactus

Now, cactusesus (how they hell do you pluralize cactus?) are that big of a deal in and of themselves. What makes cactusesus really cool is that they were lining both sides of the gorge we were driving on (with inches to spare on each side)!

Sweet or stupid? Yes…

So Mike get’s out to kick one Brenda looks purdy and I stay in the car because I don’t want to fall down a gorge full of cactusesus.

Sweet photo editing skills, huh?

Onward we drive until we find the end of the earth.

Wet dream alert…I saw this road and immediately wanted to floor it. Why? Well, think about all the shitty ways to die out there. Pneumonia. Spider bite. Old age with a nagging wife yelling at you about the good china.

How cool would it be if my tombstone read, “Died launching rental SUV off of 500 foot tall cliff at 80 mph into Pacific Ocean.”

Anyway, here’s the pic.

Fly baby, fly!

And then we got out of the car and stood on the roof cuz we’re cool like that.

You'll never know what's off to the left

From this eagle eyed vantage point we viewed a super sweet looking beach. So we got lost again in the general direction of said beach and then we took this video…