Nicaragua Day 2 – Surfing and Sunset

Mike surfs (badly). Brenda goes bouldering in the boarderlands. And I rip open my toe.

By the way, this time of year Nicaragua experiences gale force winds 24 hours a day. And since construction practices are not exactly regulated…every door, window and palm tree makes ridiculously creepy noises all night long.


So the beaches south of Rancho Santana basically look exactly like God intended them to look. Sheer cliff faces on one side. Rocky tide pools with sea urchins, lots of slippery algae, and little fishies in the middle. And waves crashing into the rocks on the other side.

As we’re walking I’m imagining the most interesting way to die would be if there was a rockslide, tsunami and sandistas shooting at you with AK-47’s…all at the same time.

Well, instead of dying we went surfing.

There’s a sweet little wave here. Waist to chest high. Which is a good thing if you are a surfer. But it’s a bad thing if you are Mike.

Mike’s first attempt at surfing goes swimmingly. Except instead of riding it forwards he tries to paddle over a crashing wave. It didn’t work too well. Before I duck dived under the wave, Mike (in posture and terrified expression) looked like a guy on a ladder who leaned back too far.

Mike spent the rest of the day watching the sunset.

Speaking of, check out the video of the sunset…