Nicaragua Day 1 – From Managua to Rancho Santana

Despite rasta colored buses, double the limit passing in school zones, and entire families on motorcycles…Mikey managed to get us safely from Managua to Rancho Santana.

First impressions of Nicaragua…this place is POOR. I was in Costa Rica a few years ago and even the tin roof shacks had satellite dishes attached to them.

Here, it doesn’t even look like electricity is running to houses that aren’t right on the Pan American highway.
It’s crazy what 20 years of civil war will do to a country.

But, I don’t feel unsafe. Everyone is friendly. And at every gas station we stopped to ask for direction we got nothing but smiles.

Tomorrow…surfing, hiking and taking in the locals.

Here’s a video of Mikey off-roading.

The adventure’s didn’t stop once we arrived. Brenda found a scorpion eating a scorpion inside of the house we’re at…